The Gibson Brothers

A No Depression blogger referred to members of the band as "..the Gibson Brothers who don’t share the Gibson name." But there’s no doubt they’re a band of musical brothers as Steve Leftridge of PopMatters described them this way:  "Eric and Leigh Gibson might have, pound-for-pound, the most impeccably fine-sounding traditional bluegrass band on the contemporary scene. ...the reason these guys can’t lose is that, quite simply, they sound so great. Eric and Leigh sing bluegrass’ tightest harmony blend, and, instrumentally the group plays with unmatched alacrity and taste. "

Mike Barber


Sometimes called "the third Gibson Brother," Mike has been with the band since 1993. In addition to his bass duties, he has co-produced the band’s last 6 CDs, including Help My Brother, winner of the 2011 IBMA Album of the Year.  He holds co-producer credits on the band's 2013 release, They Called It Music.   Mike's also been an instructor at Augusta Heritage in West Virginia and at the Kluane Mountain camp in the Yukon,  as well as at festivals around the country.

Chris Stuart wrote this about Mike in a Bluegrass Unlimited article: "He is still a fanatic about tone and timing. In his search for the perfect bass tone for the band, he has settled on using a mix of gut (G and D) and steel strings (A and E), but it’s undoubtedly his touch that creates such a gorgeous tone for the Gibson Brothers band. He still plays a 1949 Kay bass, only the second bass he’s owned."  

Clayton Campbell


Clayton’s been playing fiddle, mandolin, guitar and singing backup since he was 7 years old at the Kentucky Opry, a family-owned entertainment attraction on Kentucky Lake. Working as a member of the house band backing country singers made him a good fit for the Gibsons, who also grew up loving country classics. 

Clayton joined the Gibson Brothers in November 2004, in time to record two tracks on "Red Letter Day," and the four Gibson CDs since then. Clayton has also taught at music camps such as Augusta Heritage in West Virginia and Kluane Mountain in the Yukon and at festivals around the country.  

Jesse Brock


Jesse Brock was voted winner of the 2009 and 2015 IBMA Mandolin Performer of the Year award. He has spent his life in bluegrass, starting with his family band at the age of nine, and later with national acts such as Chris Jones & the Night Drivers,  The Lynn Morris Band, Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper and Audie Blaylock & Redline. Jesse is also a solo artist in his own right, with an IBMA award-nominated CD "Kickin' Grass" on Pinecastle.  His studio skills are not limited to recording --  Jesse co-produced Rick Lang’s  "Look to the Light", another multi-award-nominated project.  Visit his website.