2011/03/01 12:07pm

DIXIE (Eric Gibson) -- I read Peter Guralnick's Elvis Presley bios, Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love, a few years ago. I was so engrossed in the books that I think I drove my bandmates crazy talking about Elvis. I learned that he was engaged to a girl named Dixie Locke before stardom hit. She went to Florida to be with family for a few weeks and returned to Memphis to find her boyfriend all over the radio. He went from being a truckdriver to being a household name in a short time, his career taking off like a rocket and their relationship getting lost in the dust. I couldn't help but wonder if Elvis ever wished for simpler times as he sang those Gospel songs all night long after the show was over out in Vegas. I wondered if he ever thought of Dixie. 

WANT VS. NEED (Tim O'Brien, Leigh Gibson, Eric Gibson) -- We wanted to write with Tim O'Brien for a long time before we summoned the nerve to ask. He answered my e-mail within fifteen minutes and we scheduled a session in Nashville in the fall of 2009. We are so honored. We sat around drinking coffee and visiting and the subject of trying to teach our kids the difference between want and need came up. Somehow we got talking about how some people are just so easy to talk to, and even how it's nice to find a friend who is content just to hang out without feeling the need to converse. Our friend George Crawford is like that. Leigh had the beautiful guitar riff for years waiting for the right moment to find a place for it. I think he found it.