Eric 2010/01/08 1:32pm

I haven't been moved by a song for some time as I was yesterday by Claire Lynch's "Barbed Wire Boys." Claire is so good that she could sing the phone book and I'd be humming along, but her performance of this song is nothing short of breathtaking. Corina and I listened to it over and over on the way to Plattsburgh. I know or knew a lot of barbed wire boys in these northern Adirondack foothills. I was glad to be wearing sunglasses as the words hit me and the emotions flooded over. Music can be so powerful! I said, "We'd have done this if we'd found it first." Corina thought it worked better coming from a woman's perspective and that the song had found its rightful home. I have to agree. There's nothing like being bowled over by a song. Singers like Claire and songs like "Barbed Wire Boys" make the world a richer place.