Eric 2011/02/25 11:23am

For "Ring the Bell," I wrote a little blurb about each song in the journal. I have had some people ask me if I would do the same for our new album, "Help My Brother."

HELP MY BROTHER (Leigh Gibson) -- A little over a year ago, I spotted a piece of paper in Leigh's guitar case backstage before a show. I had just started to read it when he snatched it out of my hand. "Give me that. It's #$!@...wanna hear it?" Shows how insecure writers are! He played it for me and I knew immediately it was a keeper. Leigh was inspired by a minister-friend of his who truly 'helps his brother' by collecting food and supplies for the needy. I think it sets the tone nicely for the remainder of the album. We wanted to start out on a hopeful note. I'm glad I looked inside Leigh's case.

WALKIN' WEST TO MEMPHIS (Chris Henry) -- We found this on Mike Bub's iPod, the same source for "The Wishing Well." Mike had recorded a set he had done with Shawn Camp, Chris Henry, Aubrey Haynie, and Dave Talbot at Nashville's Station Inn. I love this song's strut and think it is tailor-made for us. The protagonist has had enough of rambling and is making his way home to the girl he loves.