Leigh Boy - 8/29/2011

Forgive us if we've been a little giddy on stage since the 2011 IBMA nominations were announced, but we are just so happy to be recognized with seven nods. We knew we were making inroads, getting in front of more people than ever this year and receiving strong airplay (the two go hand in hand, don't they?, but we didn't anticipate this kind of jump. Every category is filled with strong candidates, and we may come away with no trophies, but to be in the conversation makes us proud and thankful. Speaking of proud, I am so proud of Leigh. He is such a good singer. I called him after the announcement was made that he'd been nominated for Male Vocalist, and he was almost apologetic. "Well, it's because we're known for our duet, and I happened to sing lead on the songs that were nominated, and..."

No, Leigh, you are a great singer who is being recognized as such. Enjoy this. I have always been amazed by his tone, his range, his ability to blend, and his phrasing. He's my favorite singer (well, other than Merle Haggard) and I'm proud of him. I think he's a little embarrassed by it all so he cracks wise. I announced his nomination on stage at an Irish festival in Bennington, VT, and he said, "Thank you. I couldn't have done it without you. If folks didn't have your singing to compare me to, it never would have happened."

He's a funny guy. As Hurricane Irene approached, we were playing the Blistered Fingers Festival in Litchfield, Maine, and it was announced that the event would be cut short by a day and we would be the final band on Saturday night. The people who remained were enjoying the show, but there was a sense of dread as to what the weather would bring. After a fine response from the audience after an uptempo number, Leigh replied, "Thank you so much. But why do I feel like the band on the Titanic?" Earlier in the day, he warned the crowd that they'd be finding lobsters in the trees over the next few days. His mind works in mysterious ways. But he sure can sing.